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A self initiated project with the objective to redesign ten similar things across ten different genres, while retaining elements found in the original versions. This volume features redesigned book covers of literary works and textbooks used growing up in Nigeria.

  • Project

    Book Cover Redesign
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Once upon a time, this was how everybody got properly introduced to the English language. Learning the parts of speech, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, sentences, phrases all in this little book.

  • Revised Edition

    September 1983
  • Authors

    C. E. Eckersley + Margaret Macaulay + Phebean A. Ogundipe


Tells the story of an embattled schoolboy who has been chosen by his progenitors to bear the mystical power of his lineage, the power to control a leopard. It explores the conflict, which results from the inability of the West to understand and come to terms with indigenous African culture.

  • First Edition

  • Author

    V. C. Ike


Everybody's first foray into "education". Known to everybody as Ugo C Ugo. It was almost impossible to go through to the next stage of school without meeting this behemoth.

  • Edition

    23rd Edition
  • Author

    Ugo C Ugo


Honesty is the best policy. This is a story about morals, labor and hard work. Ure comes from a poor but honest family, and works as a houseboy to pay his own school fees. Towards the end of his primary school days he is accused of stealing money. He is saved by the well-placed total trust of his parents and his teacher.

  • First Edition

    January 1 1998
  • Author

    Eddie Iroh


Eze having to wake up when the first cock crows just to prepare for school. Eze is determined to go to school but this is not easy. Can he overcome the difficulties that stand in his way. A story of adventure, trials and triumphs. A primary school favorite reimagined in the simplest of ways.

Original cover designed by the legendary Bruce Onobrakpeya.

  • First Edition

    Paperback - 1963
  • Authors

    O. Nzekwu + Michael Crowder