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Sailors Lounge

Sailor’s lounge is the leading Lounge in Lagos Nigeria, with skilled employees headed by an experienced General Manager and a Celebrity Chef. A fully furnished, relaxed & adventurous lounge with the ambience of a sea view that compliments the atmosphere for unwinding, business networking and social gatherings.

  • Project

    Website design | 2017
  • Role

    UX/UI Design Identity Design


Individuals have been drawn to the idea of an inner circle that binds the select few together and, most importantly, sets them apart from others. This is the allure of exclusivity. The reason why we find people are more drawn to luxurious items and it is also why the VIP section is always packed even with the huge price gap

User research was conducted on-site and remotely to identify challenges faced by the target customer group.

  • Methods

    Interviews User Testing
  • Tools

    Survey Personas


Due to a shift in business goals, a rebrand saw the rise of a neglected TA, that usually accounts for a sizable portion of patronage for the lounge. To appeal to these people, the task lied in creating a sustainable brand and website, that mirrors the energy and personality of the Sailors Lounge brand.

  • Methods

    Interviews User Testng
  • Tools

    Analytics Personas

UX Challenge

During the research phase, we discovered terrible reviews from previous patrons, about treatment of guests, particularly by security guards. This was a huge problem, as it was inadvertently causing bad PR for the lounge online and subsequently, loss of customers.

Another challenge was the reservation process was broken. By designing an online form, a potential customer could indicate interest in making a reservation with specific details, and both parties involved get notified when the transaction is complete.

  • Methods

    User Testing Wireframing
  • Tools

    Invision Pencil+Paer


The website UI is simple and removes unneccessary clutter that was found on the previous website. The design makes good use of the typography, colors, and imagery to drive the brand value and its services. The idea was to keep the design simple, consistent and visually stunning.

  • Tools

    Sketch InVision


After launching the website, it was time to test the final product. Following laid out metrics, a few high priority screens were A/B tested to track how users responded to them. In the end, a key finding showed that users were having difficulty using the "Add to Cart" button on mobile devices, because it was set to hidden, until a user interacted with the specific item.

  • Method

    Design Sprint A/B Testing
  • Tools

    Sketch InVision