Rene Digital Hub

A customer-first agency helping brands to tell better stories, improve their brand perception, gain visibility and grow market share.




With a client-centric & multi-channel approach, Rene focuses on delivering data led, culturally relevant & world class strategies that guarantee outstanding results.

In 2017, Rene's co-founder reached out to me to redesign and update their website. Rene was founded by two young women who share a collective vision of what they want for their business and clients. The reason for the design refresh was entirely based on the need to have a new look that matched the growth of the company and showcase to clients their capabilities as a new-age agency.

I was lead designer on the project and collaborated with the co-founder to see to its successful completion. I also coded the website as part of my responsibilities.

The Process


Since I was working with content creation experts, I went with the existing content structure of the old website. I decided to focus on updating the visual design and interface of the website. Notwithstanding, I started by doing an audit of the existing site content, gathering requirements and links for all the content that was desired, including new content not displayed on the website. Next, I put all the information I had collected into a sitemap.

After brainstorming and compiling a moodboard to gather ideas, I settled on a design direction that was bold but also evoked simplicity and minimalism. The low fidelity wireframes I created showcased this in modular content grids that stayed responsive across all device sizes. By encouraging timely and useful feedback on the high fidelity prototypes I created, I was able to keep the entire process iterative, structured yet informal.

Optimizing for Speed

As part of the plan to make the website fast and reduce page load speed, I used color blocks and light weight patterns instead of heavy images to uplift the visual style of the website. This made rendering the webpages significantly faster across different devices. On another note, it was necessary to retain the page ranking the client had built over time with SEO. This was extremely crucial as it tied directly into findability for the business and revenue growth. By carefully restructuring and using the same keywords and terms that helped with page rankings, I smashed this objective.



What did I learn?

Towards the end of the project, I discovered something common to agencies in Lagos. Despite the increasing number of new entrants to the sector, only a handful of digital agencies could boast of visually appealing websites. It led to some questions - are these agencies choosing to showcase their strategy & process over the visual aspects of digital marketing? How do they differentiate themselves from the pack?. On a final note, I wondered if there was a scalable way to use design to connect the dots and make a solution accesible to as many who wanted it. Becuase in all honesty, nobody wants to hire a marketing agency that can't market its services to be as unique as possible.